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Just a little bit of history

The Pioneer Camping Club was founded in 1978 by the first Wagon Master Manuel Silva (pictured to the Left, Manuel and Alice Silva). Prior to that time a group of rvers (most of them new to rving) discovered that they enjoyed going out as a group. The problem was that the campgrounds would move individuals around to accommodate clubs. This meant that many times this group would find themselves separated from their friends and family. Not to mention that it wasn't very convenient to book sites. Everyone had to book their own site, and that made it even more difficult to stay together as a group.


And so the club was born, and we have been camping together ever since. Throughout the years our club membership has changed. Some of the original rvers are no longer rving, but we have also made many new friends. With our group currently at 90+ rv's, we look forward to many more outings together.

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