Meet our Wagon Masters

Let me introduce myself. My name is Roger Silva, and my wife's name is Margaret. We are currently The Pioneer Camping Club's Wagon Masters.


I have been camping with the club from the very beginning.  First with my parents, and later with friends. In 1991 I met Margaret, while we were camping (if that's not a sign, I don't know what is).  For several years after that we camped in a tent, until we purchased our first 5th wheel in 1996.  In 1999 Margaret retired, and several years later, in 2007, I also retired.  It was time to take our love of RVing on the road.  So, over the next 6 years we traveled the country, making it to the East coast a few times, and RVing in all 48 lower states.  We plan to visit Alaska in an RV, and when they build that bridge to Hawii... OK, maybe we'll skip that one.


In 2013 I gave up retirement to run the family business (Pioneer Concrete Co.), and Margaret has continued to work part time, during tax season.  In addition to the club outings, we still enjoy travel the country, attending rallies, and visiting family and friends along the way.


If you like camping with a group, join us for one, or more of our club outings, we would love to meet you.